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Engineering The Future 

Get Help to Launch Your Big Idea!

I regularly work with inventors and product designers to make their dreams into a 3D reality using everything from advanced CAD modeling, 3D printing, and machined functional prototypes.

Custom Automation Solutions

In order to stay competitive in these modern times, business often must automate to keep costs and product quality under control.  I've helped both large and small businesses successfully implement automation solutions across many different industries.

Tooling and Fixture Design

I've designed tooling and fixtures for a broad assortment of manufacturing needs:

Welding and Assembly

Quality Gauges and Fixtures

High Volume Production

Injection Molds

Stamping and Punch Dies

Storage and Organization


Reverse Engineering

Instead of buying expensive replacement parts from foreign OEM's, my clients have found huge cost savings and shortened lead times by reverse engineering critical wear components and scheduled replacement parts.


Custom Part Design and 3D Printing


I am a freelance Mechanical Engineer and U.W. Madison Alumni with 8+ years of Manufacturing and CAD Design experience.


 I have an Entrepreneurial spirit and love working with clients to help launch their big ideas.

I have worked for large OEM Automakers as well as small 'Mom and Pop' manufacturing businesses and understand how to best help both groups meet their goals.

My background is very diverse and covers all aspects of Mechanical Engineering from:

Conceptual product and process design
Design, quoting, and implementation of tooling and fixtures
Launching fully automated manufacturing processes

Rubber and Plastic injection Molding for medical applications

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Waukesha, WI 53186

Call/Text: 715-556-0175

You're all set, I'll get back to you within 24 hours. Thanks! -Adrian

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